Saturday, September 18, 2004

On the commutativity of college semesters

My dorm has a bathroom in each wing that alternates between being a men's room to being a women's room at the start of each semester. Since the bathroom closest to me is a women's room, I have to use the men's room on the second or fourth floor until the configuration is switched next semester.

I asked myself yesterday, "Is it better to have the bathroom first semester or second semester?" Does it make a difference? I thought that it did. Even had I not been comfortably situated in my corner room so close to the staircase that takes leads me to either 2 mens bathrooms of my choice, I am instilled with the hope that next semester, I will be able to get to the bathroom in 22 steps. To get staight to the point, trips to the shower this semester will be sweetened by the hope of an easier journey next semester. Next semester begins the slow progression where I am pampered and spoiled by having the bathroom on my side of the floor.

How I pity those who live close to the urinals and bathroom stalls their first semester. Their semesters are poisoned by the unstoppable march towards the end of the semester when their precious bathroom will be uprooted and installed 22 steps beyong the threshold Room 308. My year consists of 1) Hope and 2) Luxury while their year will begin with 1) Dread and 2) Torture.

So, I guess semesters are not commutative.

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