Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's alive!!!

Watching my Solio Hybrid 1000 battery charger get juiced up upby the sun for the first time.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

SNL satir[iz]es MSNBC debate

I don't have the conviction to endorse Hillary Clinton over Barack Obama but I have no problem making campaign contributions to her campaign since I don't think Obama needs it [at this point]. I can however endorse her plan for universal healthcare. Let me know if you want to have a conversation about that or feel compelled to change my mind about it. I can also say that it's fair to give her fair treatment in a debate. Many times, I've see her get asked a question first and cover the groundwork such that when Obama gets to respond, he fills in the gaps and gets the last word. This SNL skit does a good job of illustrating that. [Perhaps there's a little of rooting for the home team going on but I think it's mostly because Hillary was on the show that day.]

Primary vs. Solitary

Let's say there was a product out there that didn't do everything. It made some compromises. It didn't have all the features to make it the only product of it's kind in your life. Does that mean it can't be the primary product that you used most of the time? Of course not. If it allowed you to do 80% of the stuff you do, you can go and spend 80% of your time on it. That would make it your primary ____ if not solitary ____.