Friday, October 15, 2004

Cool stuff that happened today

SO. Today, several cool capitalistic things happened. These are organized in the order they pop into my head.

Before I got a chance to go through my RSS feeds, Laszlo informed me that Google beta-launched their Google Desktop service today. It integrates with the Google portal we're used to and because it searches Outlook mail, is poised to beat out Microsoft's current Lookout PIM search software on the desktop realm.

Second, Apple's stock closed 5 dollars higher after they announced that due to more than expected sales, their Q4 earnings more than doubled from last year. There's an analyst that raised their the target price for AAPL at $52 (btw, I'm really not trying to inflate the price here... at least not consciously).

Third, Will found out about a store-moving sale at Blooms in downtown NB so we went. They're like a mix between World of Science, Spencers, and a really cool gift shop. Many things were enticing and I was almost overwhelmed from not going shopping for random things, but I eventually got a genuine orange Duncan Proyo that I think is going to help me master Shoot the Moon. Will got a black one among a bunch of other things so the owner cut us a deal and only charged 4 bucks. I know you can get it online for as little as 4 bucks as well, but how about S/H and the fact that this guy typically charges a fair mark-up.

I also got a Dyna-flex Powerball to exercise my arm muscles that I first saw in the Edge catalog many years ago. It's the old 2001 version without the LED lights and the speed upgrade, but it works great. Here's the kicker. I got 50% off of his last one because it was missing the starter string, which was probably because it was opened and/or a demo model.


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