Wednesday, November 10, 2004

POP for Gmail

Gizmodo : Gmail Enables POP (For Some) —> I get Gmail on my Pocket PC. Anyone have this feature yet? How is it? I'm still waiting.

UPDATE 11/16/04 2:21 AM: I just got this feature so I haven't fully tested it out. UPDATE 11/17/04 5:20 PM: After lots of struggling, it works like a charm (relative to how it used to work, I mean). While I thought it would just give you what was in your inbox, the POP client just downloads everything there: Drafts, Sent messages, Spam, etc. I can't complain, though. Oh, and for some reason, whenever I send and receive, my old messages go away. Anyone who's had problems getting connected, I'd suggest you check out this thread from PPCT.

What got it working for me was a combination of:
  • following directions (use as part of your username);
  • skipping the auto-setup part in the Inbox app and;
  • setting Gmail to enable access only to mail received from now on,

  • If it still doesn't work, reset it by disabling and re-enabling from the "Fowarding and POP" tab under Settings.

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    UPDATE 3/17/05: Gmail's plain html version works now, so forget POP... just go to!

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