Thursday, April 14, 2005

US Team Places 17th in ACM World Programming Competition

I've toned down the more disappointed (or derogatory) headlines:
The San Francisco Chronicle: "American universities fall way behind in programming; Weakest result for U.S. in 29-year history of international technology competition"

The Inquirer: "American universities produce pants programmers"
The nerve for the British to call us pants programmers. Their excuse?
We should point out that the UK didn't make the top 12 either, but we never expect to, it is part of being British.

Let me just say that I greatly admire the team from Rutgers who competed at the Worlds. They consisted of Bin Tian (Coach), Christopher Ross, Jun Dai, and Robert Renaud. Why did we get beat by Canada? I think it's because we didn't take it seriously enough.

I barely heard anything around campus about them competing on behalf of the STATE, the COUNTRY, and heck the CONTINENT among the best schools in the world. What did the winning team do before winning? Their city/university/country decided to freaking host the World Finals.

Anyhow, congratulations to the team from the University of Illinois for solving the most problems (PDF) among US teams and of course Shanghai Jiaotong University for winning. See the full standings.

SOURCE: The Inquirer

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