Friday, January 06, 2006

CES Trends

There seem to be a lot in common among products announced around CES time. Here are some I've noticed:
  • Using E-ink for things that don't refresh often. No backlight, flickering, and super realistic, low battery consumption
  • Players that look like the nano but may or may not play video along with audio.
    • Sandisk Sansa that plays videos! Too bad they won't play Vongo. Neither will the Zen Vision:M nor obviously the newest iPod.
    • Samsung's YP-Z5
  • Portable satellite radio + MP3 players. Apple's got to compete with these when they release whatever they're releasing at Macworld later this month. Killer feature: discover and bookmark new music while listening to your favorite satellite radio station and then download it from Napster (unlimited subscription).
  • Wireless webcams
  • Skype phones
Um... I give up. Others I'd include are video download services (Urge, Vongo, Google, and others). All of a sudden, the CE space seems awfully crowded. As I've said before, the Apple brand will only triumph as other devices compete each other to death using features. This would be bad, of course, as I no longer own Apple stock, and, instead, have shares of Creative. Speaking of Apple, Apple doesn't seem like it wants to restock the 1 GB shuffle. Are they replacing it?

That took 45 minutes... :/

UPDATE 5:17 PM EST: April Fools Jokes? Google releasing Norton Antivirus and RealPlayer in a bundle with Picasa, etc? Quantum Memory?

UPDATE 6:08 PM EST: Ok... maybe it's not so surprising that Google would do something like this. At least the apps in the screenshot are stuff that everyone would install on Windows, not to mention that you have a choice in what you install. Think mainstream people. Let's not forget that Google is not only progressive, but realistic. And super corny.

UPDATE 7:28 PM EST: Full list of Google Pack software...

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