Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This time's more for real

Contrary to what my previous post implied, I did have access to blogger up to and including right now. That was my way was saying that I'll be on vacation in China as I hear blogspot is inaccessible from China. However, as serious readers (?) already know, China's blacklisting, implemented by ISPs, is not consistently enforced. You can post stuff to Blogger through it's API (which is implemented in Writely) and access it via third-party feed aggregators such as Bloglines or Google Reader.

There are many ways of measuring activity during vacation. How many new foods did you try? How many friends did you meet? Insights gained (homogenous vs. multiracial society)? How many whatever. We of course, measure the worth of a vacation by the value of the souvenirs and unfortunately, while it's nice to buy gifts for people at home, I'm regretfully not in the practice of doing it. I only have a few more waking hours in Hong Kong (hello, cogito) so here's what I got for myself:
  • The latest Naruto manga
  • An electric airsoft g36 replica w/ essential accessories
  • Some kubricks I'd been collecting (Special Forces and another part of the evangelion box sets)
  • A naruto character figure (shikimaru)
  • A tiny G3 rifle that dissassembled, fits in a small plastic suitcase
  • 2 tiny gun replicas (beretta with moving slide and removeable magazine on display stand and another one made of metal)
  • The latest Naruto manga

... on a neighbor's generously open wifi network


cogito said...

you got to lines of "The latest Naruto manga", haha

Welcome. Dont go to computer mall, you will miss the price forever.

Will said...

I didn't get to go in HK, but I saw a lot of nice computer cases in Taiwan... many with 24cm fans!

Thanks for pointing that out /: ) That was 32 and I ended up getting 31 in Taiwan. They're in Chinese of course, so it's somewhat daunting.