Sunday, December 10, 2006


After reading these interviews with Bjarne Stroustrup (I can now spell the name of the inventor of C++), I remembered that I should post about my new job. I'll be starting tomorrow with a team that develops middleware... in C++. This is a fairly large departure from my comfort zone. To be honest, I would not have imagined using C++ prior to the starting our training program, but my fears are being displaced by the anticipation of earning (albeit slowly) the credibility associated with mastering C++. This isn't to say that Java programmers don't deserve respect or that there aren't really bad C++ programmers. It's just that much harder to be good at C++. Whether you have to be is a different story.

A bit on my new job. In that first interview, Stroustrup talks about how most users want stuff fast and cheap--and if they get buggy software, then so be it. Our environment often supports a nicer sounding version of that attitude, but my team gets to do it to a lesser extent because people depend on the quality of what we make. Anyway, I'd like to be more candid about work like coffee cup Mike (I interned at IBM, btw) but it's too early. Plus, I'm not sure how to be both self-deprecating and uplifting at the same time.

SOURCE: Technology Review [via Slashdot]


dcairns said...

Buggy software is very easy to make with C++. I wish you the very best of luck, Will! Be careful with all of those pointers, etc.

Mike said...

Pointers are great, in fact you should love them so much that you set them free.

Middleware, eh? That was my gig for many years. I'm still in the industry. Email me (if you don't mind) and let me know who you're with. I'm always happy to have industry contacts.

ogblay at gmail

Will said...

Thanks, Dave! By etc, do you mean references (&) : )

Mike, I don't know if I have that much love...