Friday, July 04, 2008

Annual Fourth of July Posting

Happy Independence Day. A couple weeks ago, I decided that I was going on vacation. I wasn't sure what I was going to do but I knew it was going to involve eating. I took a bunch of pictures, but perhaps what I enjoyed doing most was taking the subways in Shanghai. Anyhow, here are a couple of offline tweets that I couldn't post due to my roaming status:
  • Maybe we can judge distance roughly as follows: multiply speed of rotation of earth in terms of miles/hour and isolate the miles term by multiplying rate by number of timezones
  • My Air fits in the magazine compartment. Not much good that does if I need to use it though and the seat's fully reclined.
  • The "TSA" of Hong Kong caught my little swiss tech keychain knife immediately at the security checkpoint whereas EWR didn't seem to care :/
  • I got seated in "premium economy"/emergency row by pure luck.
  • My limited Chinese left me with only two meaty hotpot ingredients: beef spam and chicken wing tips. I recommend neither.
  • I've gotten quite confused. All of a suddent 8RMB is expensive for food. It's very ironic. I think since cheap food is so available, expensive food is super expensive.
  • Best green tea frappucino ever. Five bucks coffee is still five bucks.
  • Best KFC ever. Real thigh meat and chicken wings. Really spicy.
  • Really looking forward to IM on the iPhone. Too bad I won't be able to stand in line on 7/11!

I'll try a debrief with pictures? That means it will be relative to food. Oh, I almost forgot it was the Fourth of July. The most patriotic thing I've done so far on the vacation is to watch National Treasure 2.

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