Thursday, April 01, 2010

We Rule dominates my life

It seems like all I do nowadays is plant crops in the hopes of running a successful feudal community in ngmoco:)'s made-for-[iPhone] Farmville / Age of Empireseque iPhone game WeRule. To be fair, the developers also make Age of Empires which came before Farmville so it's not just a clone. But as my latest crop of peas grow (apparently We Rule takes place in California where strawberries are always in season) I've taken the liberty of posting some charts to help you decide how to spend your time and "mojo" credits while in your We Rule kingdom. The first chart shows productivity as defined by Gold versus Time in minutes. Keep in mind that if you don't harvest your crops shortly after they ripen, they will whither and die so make sure you're around to harvest them in the time they mature! The second chart is Credits versus Mojo. You can use mojo earned while leveling up to instantly grow crops, but use them wisely! Maximize the number of credits per Mojo with this chart so you don't have to spend your actual dollars buying six packs, carafes, flasks, or 100-year vintage bottles of Mojo (not kidding) which run you from five to fifty dollars!

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