Saturday, March 19, 2011

One year later

If you are thinking of selling your first generation iPad, there are ways for you to do it simply but you won't be getting the best price. You simply enter your iPad model and condition and get a quote. Below, I'm comparing the prices eBay and Gazelle offer for the different models and don't see a huge difference in price. These prices change every day and in eBay's Instant Sale offers for iPad supposedly end on March 25th. Keep in mind this chart compares the original prices and clearance prices that Apple charges you with the prices that electronics resellers and recyclers will offer you for your used iPad without even seeing it. As a buyer or seller with some patience, you should consider asking around and checking direct sale opportunities via social networks or listing your electronics on eBay and classified ad sites like cragislist.
UPDATE: I updated the chart and rewrote the post because the original was a bit misleading by implying trends. [3/20/2011]

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