Thursday, July 01, 2004

Gmail going public as early as August

Google's Brin Talks on Gmail Future

I read an interesting interview with Sergey Brin I found a link to in GmailForum and have compiled a short list of extractions:

  • Gmail said and reiterated that Gmail will[is] likely[to ]come out of Beta in 3-6 months (as of April 23, 2004)!
  • They are committed to providing IMAP or at least POP3 access and coming up with ways to continue advertising through those channels
  • Files are deleted when you delete them, but because they keep a number of backups, it takes longer to delete all the copies
  • Future possibilities (with privacy taken very seriously):
    • Searching Google to find out whether you have new mail
    • Being logged into Orkut and being able to see if you have new mail
    • Of course, other new features...
Correction: The interview took place way back in April 23, 2004, so 3-6 months means we can expect a launch from August through November.

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