Wednesday, February 16, 2005

So much for being me being a credible source...

Earlier this week, I sent in a tip to Engadget regarding Motorola's iTunes phone after reading a Reuters article mentioning that the E1060 was going to be the first phone to include iTunes software. Well, it turns out that they were just using that particular phone in demoing the software. I'm not even sure there will be such a thing as the iTunes phone.

Why am I posting about this? Because the day I sent in the tip, I got over 300 clicks in from this Engadget post. So, because I'm implicated in all this misunderstanding, I felt that I should clarify that iTunes is still software and will be soon installed on as many phones as Motorola can put it on. Even if Motorola demonstrated it on a phone that doesn't look at all like what the iTunes phone should look like, it doesn't make it the iTunes phone. My fault for not being more discerning when sending in tips.


UPDATE 9:24 PM EST: Incidentally, this all happened already at CES where reporters confused the E398 as being the elusive iTunes phone. I even blogged about it. I really don't learn.

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