Monday, March 28, 2005

PyMusique just misunderstood?

So you've heard of PyMusique? The software that lets you buy music from the iTunes Music Store but in an unprotected form (without FairPlay digital rights management)? Well, this came as a suprise to me since I didn't properly investigate, but apparently the software was originally developed to enable Linux users to download (and pay for) songs from the iTMS.

So you CAN download songs from the iTMS on Linux! I'd settle for listening to songs I bought, but this is great. While the Forbes article says that losing the copy protection was an "unintended consequence," so I'm assuming this is because if the software does apply the copy protection, Linux users wouldn't be able to play the music. Apple refuses to let anyone license the technology for media players, especially to Real and Microsoft.

SOURCE: via Yahoo Finance



boingboing just had a post about sony rolling out an itunes'ish store. i was wondering if maybe you had any input on how you think they'll handle it after all the fuss caused over current digital media rights and copyright issues? just curious.

(maybe this question is dumb. if so, please ignore)

Will said...

Hm.. it might be like the cdigix stuff we have here where it's pay-per-view, but as far as downloading a copy you can save and rewatch, that's further down the road. I'm not sure what kinda of DRM they're using, but sounds like Microsoft will get involved somehow because they have currently have the most universally supported media protection scheme.


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