Wednesday, May 18, 2005

iMac G3 upgrading

I bought tiger for the iMac G3 that Will found for me. It already had OS X on it so I figure it will run even better with Tiger.

SOURCE: Craziness

UPDATE (2:54 AM EST 5/26/05): I used Tiger for 5 days straight. Some cool stuff I was able to do: I used Skype on something other than my pocket pc (thank you built-in mic), used Eclipse for C, installed Firefox (although I mostly used Safari), RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, Xvid and DivX codecs (I didn't even do this on Windows but, alas, it was too slow), tried KeyNote and Pages, accessed files on my brothers Windows box. I learned how to change icon images (copy the image you want from Get Info dialog and paste it into the Get Info image of the target icon), how to turn off the constant hard drive spin downs via energy saver, enable full tab-key accessing (+8), use expose (Fs 9-12), learned how to keep dashboard widgets on the desktop (go to terminal and run the following command: defaults write devmode YES, then run this: killall dock, then bring up dashboard [F12], drag your favorite widget and release it after pressing F12 again), and more. It was pure joy. Well, most of it.


Eric said...

What are the specs on that iMac?

Will said...

I'm not sure but I have to dig up my USB keyboard, etc. and fire it up to see for sure, but I know that it has a ton of RAM, like 384 MB. It also has a DVD drive.

Will said...

Ok, it's a 400 mgz PowerPC G3. I'm running into some keyboard compatibility problems for some reason, though, which prevent me from installing stuffit, which prevent me from upgrading the firmware, which prevent me from doing everything else : /

Will said...

For anyone that has problems, you need a particular firmware update that can only be installed through Classic Mode/OS 9. Get the one for slot-loading iMacs here (need Stuffit Expander). Otherwise, find your own here.