Saturday, May 28, 2005

Something bad about the iMac for once

Ok, so it's at least the second time. Last time I warned against buying the Mac mini without Tiger, but those guys at Apple have eluded me by not including Tiger on current Mac minis. Instead, they offer to give you Tiger for 10 extra dollars under their Up-to-date program.

Anyhow, it seems that the first generation iMac G5s have been having problems (mostly with the fan/heat related) and even breaking down. That'd explain why there are so many refurbs on the market. The second generation looks much better (such that I don't really consider the refurbs) with twice the base-ram, what seems to be a better graphics card, and other improvements, which hopefully include fixing whatever issues were in the old ones.

So that pretty much was just to show that I'm not above posting some bad things about Macs. Or that I don't only post the good news.


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