Friday, August 19, 2005

Packing sucks

I seem to have an emotional attachment to objects like plane tickets and movie tickets and letters, etc. I think it's because I'm so distracted and unthinking usually that things like objects trigger memory recollection. Anyhow, that's why it's so hard for me to throw things away. I forget things. I find things that help me remember. I don't want to throw them away and pack/file them somewhere. I forget. Unfortunately, these things rarely get reviewed and I might as well have thrown them away. All the while, I'm missing out on all the memory review I should be undergoing on a regular basis.

What doesn't help is that it all happens when you're packing at the last minute AND you have an irrational aversion to adding things to landfills.


Ethan said...

same here with letters

Will said...

You don't delete your email, either, right? I was shutting down my work computer for the last time and just scrolling through the emails brought back a rush of memories. I guess it's good to do that daily.. go through all your emails to get a sense of the big picture of your life.

Ethan said...

No, I don't delete. Actually, I forward emails from my work address to Gmail at the end of the day.