Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Movie reactions

So this summer, I've seen more movies than perhaps I did all last year. Today, I saw Bewitched at a discount place and damnit I ended up with a collection of small impressions that don't link up into a cohesive one.

Same thing with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. One of these days... more tomorrow?

UPDATE 8/6/05 11:49 PM EST: I guess that didn't make a whole lot of sense. I posted this at the end of a moderately long day from my pocket pc right before going to sleep. I guess, the point was top mark my wonder at the quantity of movies I'd seen (totally relative to my viewing history) and the lack of coming up with a proper reaction.

I can't really remember what I wanted to follow up for this post, but I can finish last sentence. 'One of these days', I want to be able to write a good movie review.


chess h said...

So Bewitched and CatCF left you less than entertained?

Just curious, as I was hopeful about both of those.

Will said...

Eh, sorry for the lack of updating. I didn't give any clue of what those fragmented impressions were like, but they were mostly positive!

My recommendation is definitely watch ChatCF (I saw it at the IMAX) and watched Bewitched at your liesure, I guess.

chess h said...

Saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Very good, I thought. A fine re-quel to the first, and I'm told, much truer to the book. If that matters.

I think bewitched is probably going to be a "wait for the DVD" for us.