Sunday, July 31, 2005

I did get a visible welt afterall

Paintball changed my life! I no longer get motion sick from playing this 3D game, at least. Anyhow, two welts, one on my head and one on my shoulder I just noticed this morning. As promised, my thighs hurt significantly when I stick my legs out straight or standing up or sitting down. But, it was all worth it (soreness, money and all).

What else do I predict it will change? I will be better at FPS games, a better driver and possibly be able to read in a car. Tom warned me about tunnel vision before I went, but I didn't make the connection until my last couple of games. It was paying more attention to my surroundings and environment that I was finally able to last through the end of two woods games.

I think the paintball survival experience (and that doesn't mean staying back) really helped multi-task better and not get bogged down in less relevant details so much.


ETHAN said...

First of all, how do you get motion sick playing a game on the computer :P
Play CS and you'll still get killed no matter how many paintballs you play :D
And tell me before you drive while reading ... so I can stay away ...

Will said...

Well, I get motion sickness doing more than just playing video games. Hey, if you can play paintball and not ever get shot, you're going to be a pretty darned good at CS. Yeah... going to be a while before I can drive and read at the same time. I was referring to sitting in a moving car and reading ; )

Anonymous said...

Hardened elite commandos would probably suck at CS because CS is just a test of how fast you can aim with the mouse.