Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Independence Day

Independence Day has come and gone and as I wanted to post something more meaningful than last year, I've tried to reflect on the celebration. I was inspired by a story I read about a Maryknoll sister named Dorothy Stang who was killed for championing the rights of poor Brazilian farmers who were given rainforest land to farm by the goverment. Loggers who could no longer stand to have her in the way killed her. Now, there are many reasons why this tragedy wouldn't have happened in today's America, but sometimes one needs only to be reminded not to take rights for granted.

Then I saw this linked from Instapundit. I'll just be satisfied in sharing Ed Cone's emphasis on rights. Our rights themselves aren't the only reasons America is great, but that it was our nation's founding resolve to protect and guarantee those freedoms for its citizens that makes us unique. It certainly hasn't been perfect from day one, but we've been making progress. Sister Stang lived her life in the spirit of fighting for the equal right of people to exist with dignity and pursue happiness.

Eh, maybe one day I'll have some shareable insights of my own on this topic.

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