Saturday, July 02, 2005

Hey, that sounds familiar...

On the topic of compliance with the government's wishes in a slightly different context:
... Mainland and Hong Kong businesses willing to advertise in other Hong Kong publications seem to avoid the Apple Daily, which has retained its independent voice. The popular paper has the second-highest circulation in the territory.

Apple Daily's journalists may not report on the mainland and are often excluded from public media events in Hong Kong.

"It's like punishment," Fung said. "It obviously has an impact on other papers. When they look at what is happening to us, they will think twice before taking a more critical or independent position."

Critics say that in an industry dominated by tycoons clamoring for business opportunities in the mainland, many media executives are willing to compromise their editorial integrity...
That's from the LA Times via Glutter. It doesn't sound too much removed from describing the depressing situation here in the states, where journalists who've earned the ire of the the federal government are barred from getting access to officials and events and FOX news gets preferential treatment.

I don't know whether it's a result of our being too distracted (myself included) to care or whether we can shift the blame and say marketers have too much control over the population to the point when journalists resort to self-censorship.

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