Friday, July 15, 2005

Some cool yoyo videos

So asides from a full episode of Naruto, I also found some cool videos of people yoyoing on Google Video.

Video0 : 2005 World Yoyo Champion Shinji Saito 2a event.(Added 8/28/05)
Video1: A big yoyoing event somewhere Spanish-speaking.
Video2: A kid demoing smooth tricks that seem very possible.

Google Video Viewer necessary


Lea said...

yay. yo-yoing, how interesting.=s

Will said...

!! Did you even watch the movies.

Lea said...

no..just from my general impression of yo-yos in general..
but yeas ppl can do those cool tricks with them.(decides to check out videos)
thanks for helping me tho..i've got 3 things now.