Wednesday, March 08, 2006

iTunes offers shows in bulk

Would you pay 63 cents an episode to stock up your fifth generation iPod? Betanews calls it a subscription, but this is essentially the same as buying albums of songs at 9.99[.] except you get to choose which 16 shows to buy and the pass presumably doesn't expire (certainly not at the end of the month). It's a natural extension of Apple's business model of letting you buy content in contrast to renting it.

SOURCE: BetaNews

UPDATE 4:38 PM EST: I am so dense. Betanews is right. Apple doesn't call it one, but what they're offering is a subscription in it's time-tested sense and is not a subscription service like Vongo or Napster.

UPDATE 10:33 PM EST: They're also offering seasonal subscriptions. [via Digg]

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