Monday, March 13, 2006

Time Machine: Rough times ahead for GOOG?

Institutional shareholders losing faith in Google?
Goldman Sachs Asset Management and Jennison Associates have each dumped roughly 35 percent of their entire holdings of Google stock. Alliance Capital Management has sold 13 percent of their stake, and Wellington Management has unloaded 18 percent of their shares.
It's not like they liquidated the majority of their holdings, but I thought I should pass this along. FYI, I'm still holding on to my one share of Google stock (but for how long?)

SOURCE: FuckedGoogle [via Xooglers [via Digg]]

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chess h said...

Maybe rough times, but they'll weather it. They're *the* established search engine of choice, and though we are seeing some attempts at competition (, the way google does groups, maps, images, and all their ever-growing toolset, assures that they will have solid ad revenue for quite some time yet. Hold on to your share. :)

Will said...

Yeah, I think I will. Having one share limits my risk but it also limits my gains financially. However, it's the principle that counts /: )