Tuesday, April 25, 2006

So ends another chapter

So after being president of the RUTTC for three straight years, we're finally going to have a change. I believe things are more organized now such that we'll be much better off. For starters, the new president Ethan is actually good enough to be on the varsity team and has the skill and greater pedagogical ability to back up his authority. At practice our VP and best player Adam organized a going away/graduation party for me with snack and drinks to which several members of the club contributed and I appreciated the gesture. What I didn't do was give any farewell statements or remarks and I think I should prepare something for next weeks practice which will be the last on my college career. I'm pretty excited about it as Adam asked our coach Chetan Baboor to give me a private lesson, but I'm also a bit hesitant as it might seem like hogging our coach.

Over the years I've met and befriended cool people, experienced so much enthusiasm, witnessed high levels of athleticism and improvement, and certainly made a lot of mistakes in my involvement in the table tennis club and I really plan to reflect on them and perhaps share what I hope is beneficial and motivating to the rest of the club next Saturday.


Skyplate said...

The King is dead. Long live the King!

Super Cougar said...

Your legacy will be kept as long as the club doesn't go inactive again. And mine will be around as long as that weird giant poster of me is around.

Will said...

Tom, I guess it being unopposed is like being a King but I personally would much rather have been elected /: )

Jehangir, there'll be a mini hall of fame going on in the upper gym closet.. you and the Korean martial arts master.