Sunday, April 02, 2006

Three birthdays

So, this weekend marked several things. I'll mention them not in order of priority, but of occurrence. I went to Swarthmore with my debate partner Marielle for our last collegiate debate tournament. We had a pretty good time and were even able to come back the same day. It's no longer ambiguous whether I'm to be classified (by virtue of tournaments attended) as a novice or varsity debater. I really will miss the tournaments.

Next, I noticed that Gmail had put up a birthday logo with confetti and a candle. I originally thought it was in honor of Apple's 30th, but it it just occurred to me that it's Gmail's birthday as well, since the product was announced on 4/1/04.

Now, the most significant celebration, one that's been deferred by our part of his circle for almost a month, is my friend Jehangir's birthday. We had hibachi at Benihana, and watched our food being cooked in front of us along with a good amount of culinary-implement flourishes and rhythms, vegetarian offenses and a bottle of sake.

I think it may have been the first group organizing efforts I've undertaken and it was largely successful due to help in regards to transportation, ideas, and implementation. I might update this post later. more

Thanks, Greg, btw for the birthday cake picture link.

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Kathae said...

the [new] glasses!!!!