Monday, May 15, 2006

Apple Store Under Construction

The cost of these pictures was not being able to take any others on the trip. But, what will hopefully be finished on Friday, May 19th 2006:

I'm hoping to be able to see the products(?) to be announced on Thursday at the new Apple store on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street in NYC (in front of FAO Schwartz). It is a dramatically compact structure relative to its magnificent surroundings, but it might have been a requirement of the FAO people that they keep the store small. Reasonable, but imagine the lines on opening day to get the free t-shirt.

UPDATE 1:05 PM EST 5/16/06: So now we know! The MacBooks were announced today (I realized this 4 hours too late.)

UPDATE 10:31 PM EST 5/18/06: Pictures of the finished and unveiled product found at TUAW. And they're giving away a MacBook an hour? Oh, and via that last link also, only the first 2500 get the t-shirt.


Anonymous said...

The black structure in the photos hides the 32-foot glass cube that is the entrance to the 20,000 square-foot store located beneath the General Motors plaza. "The Cube" is intended only to be a beacon for passersby, drawing them into the cube, and then down a spiral glass staircase to the store below.

Will said...

That makes so much more sense!

Will said...

BTW, if anyone has access to the Wall Street Journal, I was quoted in the last paragraph of the article "How Apple's Store Strategy Beat the Odds" today.