Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Fleet Week and another visit to the Apple Store

So some friends and I went to see the visiting navy ships at Pier 88 during Fleetweek yesterday (Memorial Day). There are some comments in the captions to the pictures but some things that weren't captured:
  • The long line starting at 42nd street until 46th that proceeded rather quickly.
  • The geography and number simon games we played
  • Frantic finishing of food before the security checks.
  • A nice submarine (orange) hanging off the back end of the HMS Scott.
  • Pulling the trigger of an M16. Tip: Lean forward when shooting as assault rifle.
We also took the trek over the Apple store, a walk that spanned 7 avenues and 13 streets. When we left, I tried to press the button for the glass elevator that the spiral staircase winds around, but it didn't respond and didn't seem on. Well, here are the people that got stuck in it when it broke. I don't know if it'll be reserved for special needs people in the future, but maybe there should be a person limit enforced.

SOURCE: Trying not to offend via UNEASYsilence via TUAW

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