Sunday, September 17, 2006

Arial vs. Helvetica

I'm on my new iMac 17" and thought the following might be interesting to analyze:

The goal for me is to be able to spot the difference between the classic Helvetica font from the Microsoft version, Arial.


chess h said...

My guess is arial is the upper one, helvetica the lower... the lower's antialiasing is a bit less heavy-handed, which I seem to recall from... oh, hell, I dunno where.

Anyway, verdana is the shizzle, man. Much more readable than either. To my fading eyesight, anyway. :)

Will said...

I like Verdana a lot, too. Especially on screen.

BTW, you're right with the Helvetica.

Kathae said...

the only difference i find is in the capital R and G's...and i think i like Helvetica better in those regards.

Will said...

WHOOPS. We were wrong. Helvetica is on the top and Arial is on the bottom.