Sunday, January 21, 2007

Apple's conservative earnings guidance

I don't have as much to say about Apple as I did last time I talked about an earnings conference call, but an important thing to understand about why this past quarter's sales increased so much from last year was illuminated around 10 minutes into this last one. Forgetting the $50 price drop in iPods, Apple achieved the right balance of supply and demand for the MP3 players in contrast to last year. This means that unless Apple releases a new iPod soon, and I hope they will, consumers' appetites will be satiated more than last year. Will their usually conservative guidance will more sound than we'd prefer? Or, are they truly masters of managing expectations?

Then, again, it isn't much longer until Adobe CS3 and Leopard will be available, not to mention a refreshed iLife and iWork. It'd also be a nice time for Apple to offer Blu-ray burners for the Mac Pro line. Before we know it, it'll be summer and iPhones will start ringing around the US. Soon after, the cheaper versions will be available for everyone who held out because of the price, and we'll be right in the midst of the next holiday season. It's good to be an Apple fan.

SOURCE: Apple Q1 Earnings Conference Call

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