Thursday, January 04, 2007

Congratulations on finding a 1st gen iPod nano

'No. 2' is engraved on the back of my new iPod
I've given up on the chances that I'll find my iPod. Today (rather yesterday), my new one arrived. Incidentally, I'll have 3 pairs of earphones and 3 sync cables. One pair of earphones from the original, one replacement due to rattling, one from the new one. Then, there's the replacement USB cable to replace the original that I lost, the extra one I bought just in case, and the new one.

Ironically, whoever found my iPod will have no sync cable or earphones. Unless that person is me.


chess h said...

So do you use the earbuds that come with? Every mp3 player bundles the damn things in now, and they're the first thing I take out... and immediately throw away. Apparently my ears are not standard issue.

Will said...

Interesting that you should ask. The answer should be no as I started out knowing they wouldn't work and Sony earphones that hooked over your ears. They didn't work out and after a while, I just started using the free ones because they could take a beating and were louder. The right earbud still falls out with any sudden motion and although the 2nd generation iPod earbuds are better at getting the sound into my ears, they fall out just as easily.

When I recover my from holiday spending, I'll buy new earphones.