Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11

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I wasn't originally going to post about this movie, but after seeing how hard Move America Forward (fake grass roots action front for the GOP, thanks Alan for the link) is trying to get theaters not to show it, I figured it was important to increase its visibility even in a miniscule way.

Now I know that Michael Moore may not be everyone's favorite person, but what's important are the facts. If this movie documents only the truth, what is there to fear? (edit: we'll have to see about that) Bringing events surrounding the September 11th terrorist attacks up to public scrutiny does not constitute an attack on American and foreign soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan and surely isn't anti-American. Since when was an administration perfect? Since when is questioning an administration unpatriotic? The only thing people who haven't actually seen the movie can say to prevent it from being shown is that the movie is one sided. Well, since when is censoring ideas from the public American?

Click on the links above see the trailer. To see how many theaters in your state have refused to show a film that threatens the White House, fill in your state abbreviation and click theaters. A theater I usually go to is missing from the list. The movie opens Friday, June 25, 2004.

UPDATE: So I'm disappointed to say that Fahrenheit 9/11 isn't the grand slam of the anti-Bush cause, if you believe Christopher Hitchens whose article I linked to above in the edit. He apparently watched the movie. I, who haven't seen the movie like most other peope, largely reacted to the kneejerk shouts of anti-Americanism. But, when someone who argues rationally against Moore's movie, I'm sad to say that this is not the case against Bush condensed into a movie and might even detract from it. Any I even double blogged this :(

UPDATE 2: Now, Hitchens isn't altogether objective in his article "Unfairenheit 9/11" either, but he largely says that Moore does not pass up an opportunity to ridicule Bush, even if bashing Bush on one point forces him to in some way contradict a previous point. I don't know what to say.... this is going to be a problematic movie and I really wish Moore could've had some help making it.

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