Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Germ Terminator

Germ Terminate America ::: Germ Terminator GT100 I am a big sucker for infomercials. After having seen the one selling the Germ Terminator, I completely believe that not only are there millions of bacteria and viruses on out toothbrushes, but every time I brush my teeth, I'm injecting them into my blood stream. Why is this bad? Well, it's like rubbing your broken wound around with E. coli laden fecal matter. That's right. Whenever you flush your toilet, E. coli bacteria can be projected into the air and contaminate anything within 6 feet. Granted, most of the bacteria and germs are from your own family members, why would you want to expose yourself to germs unnecessarily?

Hence, the Germ Terminator. FDA cleared to steam sterilize your toothbrushes leaving 0 traces of germs, accurate up to around 6-7 significant digits.

They say that many diseases are linked to oral health and that you're needlessly burdening your immune system, citing all these doctors and studies about how oral health is linked to this and that.

So, how much does the best investment you can make for your health cost ya? 180 dollars for three. If I had money I'd buy it. In the meantime, I think I'll just use listerine to clean my toothbrush. Then use it to rinse my mouth.

Now, mind you, their arguments are in many ways very sound. This coming from someone who if in possession of 180 dollars would surely buy these ingenious devices. Seriously, though, they are not without merit.

Other infomercials I fell for, but had too little money to follow through on: The Hoover air purifier, the SkunciScünci Steam cleaner, the Ronco knife collection, 25 pieces for 3 easy payments of 13.33, and more...


The Sicilian said...

Don't feel bad..I'm teeth crazy...I would have fell for it, too.

Will said...

:) You want to split the money and get it? j/k

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