Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Went for a jog today

I'm trying to be healthy... Being in the hospital watching a bunch of heart monitors + hearing about everyone working out at the gym has taken its toll on me. I woke up, and decided to go for a jog despite the rain. It felt good for the first half of my ~10 minutes, but the second half wasn't so easy. Blogging about Fahrenheit 9/11 has been a nightmare, because I keep changing my mind. Not to say that I didn't have fun adding the css box with teh links to the trailer and theater-finder form. Having only seen the trailer, I'm bent on seeing this movie if it's the only one I see this summer. Then, I read a couple of articles that say it isn't "just the facts".

Now, I'm thinking over the arguments my most respected anti-Moore source gives, and decide that they aren't so much facts refuting facts, but facts attacking certain points that aren't particularly the strongest of Moore attemmpts (with various degrees of success) to cast light on hidden truths. For example, Moore says that attacking Iraq was wrong tries to show that Iraq wasn't a threat to the US. This isn't true and was easily refuted. Moore doesn't exactly lie in his movie, but you also can't take his movie at face value. Was UN action so ineffective? No. We destroyed most of his weapons stockpiles that way. Should we have interrupted the inspections process, depose Saddam, then conclude that there are no stockpiles of signigicance left in Iraq, undermanned and without support of the UN? That's not as easy to refute.

Hitchens gives Moore grief for contradictions. Ex: Moore says it was wrong to invade Iraq. He then says that we attacked with too few soldiers. Contradiction? No. The second statement doesn't exclude the first. Part of the reason we were undermanned was because we went with little international aid. Secondly, it's possible to protest the war and care about the safety of our soldiers.

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