Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I was fooled

iTunes for Windows Mobile 5. Well, at least I would have to replace my PocketPC before being able to listen to my m4p files and who knows when that'll be.


FAKENESS 00:07 EST 9/29/05: A lot of people are saying this, but I trust PocketPC owners the most.

KTamas: 1. His phone is in Vibrate mode, so there is no sound, lol. Even then, he does listens to the music.
brianchris: Perhaps another piece of evidence that it is a fake is the fact that the device is a T-Mobile MDA II ( ), YET is obviously running the Windows Mobile 5 OS (by the softkeys at the bottom of the screen). Very few devices are getting an upgrade to WM5, and certainly NOT the MDA II
Raphael143: Don't shoot the messenger, but the editor at states that he knows a guy who knows the guy who did this and it's 100% fake.


Eric said...

I don't like the abbreviation PPC when talking about Apple stuff, it reminds me of something else and get's me confused.

Will said...

Fixed : )

kathy said...

what r m4ps?

Will said...

Hi Kathae. Songs that you buy from the iTunes Music Store (ITMS) contain digital rights management features (DRM) and have a m4p extension. The actualy encoding is the same as .AAC or .M4A which do not contain digital rights management.

Apple's proprietary DRM technology is called Fairplay. Basically, it's simple and only allows you to play it on authorized software (iTunes or iPods). You can burn as many copies of the song as you like but can only have 5 devices authorized to play your music at once.