Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Spin in place in style

Yesterday, I got a chance to ride the 1st generation of Segways. There was someone running around posting party cards (whatever you call them) at the bus stop riding a Segway. I had seen him before while tabling at the involvement fair and later regretted not asking for a ride. Upon seeing him again, I immediately asked and he agreed to let me take it for a spin.

By and all, it was an interesting experience. He told me to stand up straight and lean forwards to speed up or backwards to reverse. I wobbled a bit, but was able to stay still. There's a little wheel (?) around the left handle that controls turning and AFAIK, there's a zero degree turning radius. I didn't get to ride for too long, because I didn't want to keep him from doing his job, but it was fun.

This was another missed opportunity to photoblog due to my lack of having a digital camera.

SOURCE: Second chances


Tom said...

iPod Nano takes photographs nothing.

Randall said...

There was a Segway on campus yesterday and I missed it? Dammit!

Will said...

Yeah, but the nano can show pictures, just not ones I take because there are none of them.

Randall, I'm sure if I saw him twice, you'll catch him on campus, too.

chess h said...

So did you get to do any wheelies? :)

Will said...

Unfortunately, not... I agree that the design of the Segway is lacking severly /: )