Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My (unpopular) nano has shipped

nano_from_shenzen Just thought it was interesting that my iPod nano shipped direct from China. The service type says IP Direct Distribution, so maybe FedEx handles the entire distribution process.

On an entirely different note, Apple stock dropped around the same time this article was published. The bad news is that retail stores have sold only a fraction of the iPods they had in stock. It's suggested that Apple may have anticipated demand and simply shipped an excess of iPods to the stores, but they point fingers at the perceived contradiction of paying more for less capacity. Well, that certainly didn't matter for mini sales, which likely greatly surpassed Apple's original estimates. ANYHOW, I own Apple shares as I'll occasionally mention so that you can tell that my favorite parts of the article are not objective.

Oh, and my color choice is 7 times less popular than black.


UPDATE 5:41 AM EST 9/15/05: Whoa. SAME information, totally different analysis. Forbes reports that Piper Jaffray raised the price target to $60.

SOURCE: The Inquirer


Mike said...

Ooooh, you're getting a nano. Man, my Mini looks so clunky now. I am officially envious.

Tom said...

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Will said...

Tom, I know you have great memories of Shenzhen. Mike, it happens to all iPod owners in their own time. I'll try to enjoy the next 3-4 months /: )

Mike said...

Tom, that's the same thing I was going to say! Small world.