Sunday, October 09, 2005

Asian restaurant etiquette?

Slashfood thinks that rubbing your chopsticks together to get rid of splinters is a faux pas and an insult to the restaurant. What if there really are splinters on the chopsticks?
My recommendation is to stay away from that restaurant, duh.
From now on, I won't assume that there are splinters on the chopsticks. But if there are, I intend to sand away. Click through to see their comic cell on the topic.

SEE: Slashfood


chess h said...

well, it's good to know that's considered rude. Next time, I'll surreptitiously hide them in my shirt and sneak off to the bathroom. Better to be suspected of odd hygienic practices with wooden utensils than to offend the people who are prepping your food. :)

Will said...

"offend the people who are prepping your food."
I didn't even think of those unanticipated consequences of our actions /: )

cogito said...

who care!!!

down the streets at hong kong, when u meet those snacks like fishball, inkfishball, complex from cow, fried intestine....etc, , certainly there could only be low quality chopsticks. The sellers expect us to rub, in fact.
If it is a high-class restaurant, then certainly all chopsticks are in good quality.

btw, the more important issue shd be that all temp chopsticks are decolorized and the residual chemicals do not do us good. but again, as long as the food is GREAT, who care...

ar and, japanese shopes always provide wooden chopsticks while chinese may provide wooden or plastic.

IF one day u meet plastic chopsticks, remember not to use the other end of them. The fact is that the other ends are not washed as carefully as the right ends. (sometimes, ppl use the other ends to share a disk)