Sunday, October 09, 2005

Random updates

  • New phone that's all locked down by Verizon, using mom's bluetooth headset.
  • Went on a visit to the new (1-yr-old) Bloomberg building, very cool. (BTW, it's a LLP, or some other kind of partnership).
  • Didn't get a McKinsey Interview after their cocktail party.
  • You can visit this site through
  • Got new headphones for the nano, volume deficient, but maybe that's a good thing.
  • Actually played 3 matches at table tennis practice.
  • Completed the easiest sample problem at TopCoder. On second thought, maybe I should have deferred mentioning that.
  • I'm down a donut and a ticket to NY Penn Station. Realized too late that the "I just need some money to get home" "non-bum" was probably not interested in going home. How come my late night escapades in New Brunswick don't have happy endings like this.
  • Attempting a switch to Google Reader.
  • Believing the hype about the upgraded Airport Express. Airport express is a wireless router, range extender, usb-print server and an audio bridge between iTunes and your stereo system. Apple has already adopted an newer video codec called H.264 that would make it more feasible for them to sell you videos through iTunes and send them to your home theater. If it's that simple, they would've had to address the problem of controlling your movies from your computer remotely (!?), or maybe it's something else other than the video iPod.
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skyplate said...

I heard that H.264 playback is very problematic. Crashes and so on that you wouldn't get with more conventional formats like Xvid. Some fansubbers tried releases in H.264 but the feedback was tremendously negative.

Will said...

I hope that's a codec problem and that Apple's version is ok.