Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Mid-day update

I saw Corzine (came within a couple of feet of him) at the end of a rally at the Rutgers Student Center surrounded by a small crowd of people and soon before he was rushed off. I couldn't really think of any questions on the fly, in awe over the celebrity of the affair. Here was one of just 100 senators representing 280 million people in the largest, most powerful modern liberal democracies in the world and I didn't have any questions to ask or interests to press. A student stopped to ask him one more question on abortion and his answer impressed me in framing it on the context of people who are actually affected by the issue. It wasn't clear what his response was, but the person who asked it recorded it on his 4G iPod with the Griffin iTalk accessory so hopefully it will appear in the media.

UPDATE 12:000 PM EST 10/06/05: And indeed it did appear in the Targum (I recognized the guy with the iTalk). And upon reading what he actually said about abortion, I guesss it's not that insightful but satisfactory, I guess.


Ethan said...

I was thinking, I'll tell him I'll vote for you if you can get me a job at Goldman

Will said...

I have a Goldman pen I won't be using anymore, you want it /: )