Thursday, February 02, 2006

Count your deductions

Ever wonder why you never got that Tax Statement for donating through the Amazon Honor System? Well, if you said yes, you won't get get it because it's not really meant for charitable giving. Not that there isn't a reason to donate, even if there are other avenues. First, it's easy. Just log in and boom. Second, you can unpay within 7 days. You just might want that tax credit is all. Just FYI.


無名 said...

I donated $20 to the Tsunami Relief Fund

Will said...

Ya know, I was so excited about the prospect of being able to unpay that until I found out that it's only possible within that 1 week window. Not that I was going to do it of course.

Super Cougar said...

If you're not itemizing your deductions, don't waste your time trying to get more 'tax benefits' by donating. Its not happening. Donate for the cause, not the tax break. It will take a lot of donations to itemize your deductions if that's all you have.