Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Thanks, number 14

I lost a bunch of stuff today. Here's what I didn't lose that wouldn't have been nice: iPod, key generator, phone, bluetooth headset, napsack with laptop, pocket pc, um... paycheck. Yes, I couldn't resist an opportunity to do that pretty weird enumeration. Think of it as crude materialistic thanksgiving.

Someone found it near a class building and had a friend call me up letting me know where I could pick it up. Since I heard our past realtor getting mugged and forced to divulge pin numbers, etc, I asked my roommate to come along and he generously did. When we did arrive, I gave a holler as instructed (no doorbell) and a girl opened the door. I got to meet the person who found the wallet as well as the guy who called me up. They refused the 20 my roommate offered them as finders compensation and asked that I do the same for someone else. I gladly accepted the condition and went back home. I treated my roommate to a milkshake for his time and patience, ate my favorite turkey and pepperoni sub and have been procrastinating ever since!

Here's what I still lost: souvenir from Bloomberg interview visit (my keychain/lanyard), computer case key, two sets of keys = 4, a totally unimportant slashcard, and um... 60 bucks for replacing one set. No, that would not be the first time in the past 4 months I've lost my keys.

BTW, the #14 refers to the good samaritan's house number on unnamed street. The actual number was changed to preserve the anonymity of its residents.

SOURCE: I could've made this up but it'd just be sad.


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Super Cougar said...

If I lost my laptop, I'd be so badly screwed it wouldnt' be funny... I have the only version of a bunch of workpapers.

Will said...

I hope I find it. Hey, good thing its contents are protected. Do they do backups?