Monday, February 13, 2006

A funny thing happened on the way to the dining hall

I'll admit that I don't always use my bluetooth headset as makes me somewhat self-conscious. However, due to it's 3-meter range, it's very convenient to use when roaming about the apartment doing things. Asides from it's intended purpose, the bluetooth connect also acts as an invisible tether or homing device if you will.

On the way to the dining hall [yesterday], in an attempt to slip it into my coat pocket, I dropped it straight through and apparently into the snow. When I turned on my headset and got no response, however, I realized that I no longer had my phone on me. I retraced my steps and when I was back in range, was able to voice dial my dad and ask him to call back and make my phone ring so I could locate it.

Now, I didn't actually hear it ring, but after a few more steps, I saw it peaking out of the snow. Now, it would've worked if I'd shut off the headset and avoid the ring from being bypassed to my headset, but that's a lesson learned for another day.

Revised and formerly titled: "On the virtues of..." bluetooth headsets


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