Tuesday, January 11, 2005

A Mac and iPod in every home...

It's called the Mac mini!!!
$499 with 1.25 G4, 256, 40 gig, Combo
prices for mac mini: $499 and $599
available Jan 22
most important new mac 'ever'
another at 1.4 Ghz
1.25 Ghz G4
coming 1st half of 05
half as high as an iPod Mini, surface of a little dish
comes with Panther & iLife 05
analog, digital video out
pizza box style
quiet, fw, usb2, video out, ethernet - very very tiny
very tiny
Mac Mini
Next - talking about headless stripped down mac
Don't be fooled by the picture, it's only 2 inches tall:


UPDATE 2:20 EST: And the iPod shuffle!
dock available
shipping today
2 models - 512 MB - 120 songs - $99
1 GB 240 songs - $149
250 MB charge in the car
manual filling or automated
integration between the device and the jukebox
shuffle or playlist
12 hours on battery
cap covering inputs - USB
simple to use controls
weights under 1 ounce
ipod shuffle - built around shuffle playback - its TINY.
something happened in the ipod market - became most popular way to listen - shuffle
want to make something really great
forget batteries - no need to make music hard to find on player

Somehow I'm not too impressed by the iPod shuffle, but the built-in battery and lanyard strap are redeeming...

SOURCE: MacRumors live coverage of Macworld keynote.

UPDATE 2:06 EST 1/12/05: fixed IE css box trouble

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