Monday, January 31, 2005

Snails, penguins, and lip plugs

Now that the "Discount Bonsai Kittens" Google Ad is not longer on my blog anymore, I'm going to have to post about that weekend I referred to in my last post, before I forget. I probably already forgot a lot. So, here it is. (Remember, disruptive commas should be omitted.)

Ok. How did my weekend start? [a minute later] Oh, right. Leading up to the weekend before moving back (1/12 - 1/16), my sister paid for a new 120 GB Western Digital Caviar hard drive that we love so much (2 in my computer, 1 in my dad's computer and 1 in my brother's). I partitioned it (as inspired by Rad's partitioning strategies page) into six partitions: 16 gigs for Windows, 1 gig for Linux swap, 8 gigs for Linux, a 15 gig FAT32 partition for common access, (originally for archiving pictures/photos), a 25 gig unformatted partition (for games?), and a 46 gig NTFS partition for just windows stuff, perhaps video encoding?... in other words, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. Needless to say, I don't need this much space.

Let's skip the part where I first tried having Linux as my first partition, install windows on the third, and have it not be ever recognized as having completed an installation. I reformatted everything to make Windows first, crossing my fingers that there was enough space for the Linux to redo the bootloader.

After windows was installed, patched, and activated (again), I'm assuming this is Thursday night, I find instructions (jugdo?) to install the most recent version of Debian Linux. All I remember is staying up late finding download sources for the 4 GB DVD image and then the next couple days was a blur going into Friday and Saturday. After many late nights in my brother's room (that's where I set up my computer because my dad's computer was set up in mine) and going through an entire bag of Cajun Style Mo' Munchies soybean snacks and three Linux distros, plus lots of learning along the way), I successfully have MEPIS Linux running still with no sound, but I wasn't complaining.

In between, I met a friend from Rutgers while volunteered at a benefit to raise money from the NJ Asian Community for the Red Cross's Southeast Asian disaster relief effort for a little bit. The best part, however, was going into Manhattan on Saturday with my mom and my sister, going to the Guggenheim to see an exhibit about the Aztecs (btw, lip-plugs are a form of body piercing below the lower lip), and then eating good and very cheesy french onion soup and trying escargot (courtesy of hers truly) at a french bistro, La Bonne Soupe. The wait wasn't too bad and they even had wireless internet so we could look up information about the rabies virus during dinner. The escargot was definitely an experience, but I thought it was a bit too mushy and soft to take the time to enjoy. I think I just tried chewing away until I could swallow.

The next day, we went to Chinatown and I played some table tennis before pretending to pack to go back to school. See here for how little I've learned in moving in on MLK day. It's doesn't even count as deja vu. less


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