Sunday, January 02, 2005

Matching glasses and computer case

I went into Chinatown and picked up my new glasses. They are plastic-rimmed and Gucci. I didn't ask for them to be Gucci, but when the lady behind the counter saw that it was my mom paying, or maybe because she knew we didn't have any particular plastic-rimmed glasses in mind, all she brought out were the Guccis, Calvin Kleins, and Versaces... I guess they're over-priced, but since my prescription has not increased, hopefully, they'll last forever. At least the eye glass people tuned up my old pair of glasses while I was there.

Which reminds me, Chinatown does look more busy (as in the amount of tourists) so that new welcome booth and the overall revival effort has been working. Good weather helps, too. So my glasses helped the Chinatown/Manhattan economy, but that act of consumerism, doesn't make me feel that much better. And they say that keeping diaries make your feel worse. I'm not sure if I believe that... plus, this is a blog that once in a while garners feedback and is public. Maybe, I'm just not posting this in the right blog.

As my glasses are black, they now match my eyebrows and incidentally, my new black Antec Sonata PC Case. The tagline is "Silence is beautiful". Now, the only think keeping me from near silent computing (running at under 80 degrees, BTW) is my loud 80 gig hard drive with my :ahem: windows partition on it. If you're wondering why I didn't replace it with the 120 gig that'd been sitting in my room since last year, it was installed into a system my brother built for my dad.

The installation was not entirely smooth, but it was a delightful experience with all the small innovative things I found. First the bad. For one thing, one of the pin-connectors for the front panel was the wrong size and I had to switch the position of one of the contacts. This probably contributed to the $30 dollar rebate during Thanksgiving when we got the case. Or, it could be unrelated and they could be waiting for me to tell them about the problem. Next, my front USB connectors didn't work. There may be an explanation for this (excluding the possibility of my ineptitude because they designed a one piece connector) but I won't go into it here. Also, I have yet to order a floppy drive.

I do miss my old case a little, but the led-accented front panel will remind me of ol' blue (just made that name up).

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