Tuesday, January 04, 2005

You know you're an Operator when...

I can't say I've been working too long at NBCS Operations, because I've only been there for one semester. But, I was just typing at home typing when I suddenly got the urge to check the network monitoring tools I'm responsible for at work. Now, that's a milestone.

Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to log in from home... just kidding.


Anonymous said...

Your know you've been an NBCS Operator too long when:
1. You've logged into JLA from home
2. You have you JLA mail open all the time
3. Check Nagios from home
4. Check TD Device Status from home
5. Have friends ask you what's wrong when they lost network access from their dorm
6. Have gotten excited when there is a power outage since you can see all the devices on that campus on Nagios
7. Have gotten excited when there is a power outage since you wanted to see the generator run
8. You ssh to eden-backend so you can select which er to be on
9. You know when gates reboots
10. You sleep in Hill after a shift since you have a shift in a few hours
11. You make a list of stuff that says you have been working at Operations too long

Yep, I've done all that

-Eric (kc2hmv)

Will said...

You've got me beat :) and I didn't even think of checking Nagios because I wanted to, but because I unconsciously felt an obligation to. That's not to say I don't care or am not curious, though.

Anonymous said...

Eric- you forgot:

- "You have a strong desire to lift up any floor tiles you see, to check for leaks"
- "You're happy when it's sixty-five degrees 'outside' "
- "You unconsciously CC Oppy Operator on personal emails..."

Tsk tsk tsk.... :-P

Michael (mkazin)

Anonymous said...

While were adding more stuff (these maybe a bit more "out there")...:

* When someone was talking about Paradise, you say it's on the table
* You can say that you stood in front of the Pearlygates
* You feel the need to write on a whiteboard every so often
* When someone mentions Spider-Man, you think of "Kevin" automatically
* You've mastered holding an arm full of SuperDLT tapes on both arm (at the same time) and still being able to open the door
* When someone asked for your phone number, you've given out 732 445 2293.
* You've answered your mobile phone by saying "NBCS Operations, ____ speaking."
* You know the fans for the Battery Room do nothing
* You know when the timeclock misprinted from across the room
* You know the other guy heard a PDU alarm by the way he is walking out the room
* You sometimes cuddle up next the to MSSG racks for warmth
* You have pictures of eden-backend
* ... and the ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches)
* ... and the pumps for the HVAC system
* ... and the UPS control unit
* You know the configuration of Goshen
* You know RCI didn't exist for a couple hours in Fall 2004

Yeah, all me again

Anonymous said...

At the end of the last comment, insert:
-Eric (kc2hmv)

Will said...

I can't be sure, but I thought I saw it being 61 today. I want to see pictures of the UPS control unit! BTW, if you don't have blogger accounts or remember your passwords, feel free to use the alternative commenting.

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