Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Some keynote videos + AAPL news

UPDATE 5:26 PM EST: The webcast is up.
UPDATE 12:04 EST 1/12/0405: Al Gore was at Macworld.
UPDATE 5:39 PM EST 1/12/05: AAPL up almost 11% in after hours trading. Reason? Apple announced that its profits exceeded expectations by almost 50%. So much for being fairly valued. (DISCLAIMER: I'm a shareholder and have a skewed perception of Apple stuff.)

Since Apple's not posting its webcast until later today, here's some clips of the Mac mini and the iPod shuffle. Watching Steve Jobs do the keynote pushed me over the edge for the iPod shuffle. It's about half as thick as I imagined and so light (4 quarters?!). Now, if only I didn't just get a 1 GB USB drive or have a Pocket PC. Now's the moment of truth for people who don't really use all that space on their non-mini/shuffle iPod.

The bad news: AAPL drops $4.40 during the trading day. Could be because S&P says AAPL is "fairly valued" or just people cashing out while they could for other reasons I don't quite understand. Well, Apple's next earnings announcement is due tomorrow...

SOURCE: Yahoo Finance via Google.

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