Monday, August 28, 2006

120 USD for a Mont Blanc Stylus?

An eBayer won an auction for a 14K gold (plated, I suspect) stylus that looks like it fits the Palm V. The seller claimed the item is no longer available and this is partly true. You just have to buy it along with a case now and I've seen it in two separate stores. It no longer makes sense to sell stylii for the Palm V since it doesn't fit in the silos of current PDAs. The eBayer was willing to pay about $120 (but in pounds) not including shipping. I'll admit I bid for a similar item but stopped at around $45. Yes, a Mont Blanc PDA stylus is very cool, but you can now buy this in a store with a leather PDA case in platinum/gold for $200. Below is a picture just for reference (the platinum one).

SOURCE: eBay and for the pic but I doubt he'll take credit. Incidentally, he paid $5 dollars for it!

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Will said...

Got one myself on eBay for ~55 bucks.

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