Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Exclusive question! What is Steve Jobs holding?

Steve used to use a little blue box as a remote control for advancing slides during presentations. But this year, it's different. I attribute this to the need for more than one. Anyhow, if anyone knows what Steve Jobs and his fellow presenters are holding, I'm curious to know.

I've looked for readily available presentation remotes and slide advancers, but can't seem to find a match. It also looks like a cell phone, so it could be running some sort of software and controlling something via bluetooth. Otherwise, it just might be proprietary related to the venue or custom-hacked.


Monchanger said...

Jobs is showing his age ("wow, look at all that grey..."). He is actually holding the wrong remote, an unfortunate manifestation of old-people forgetfullness.

This remote is the one used to operate his time machine, which he still every year or two to get back to Xerox to steal yet more technology. ("Bill Gates: Get real, would ya? You and I are both like guys who had this rich neighbor - Xerox - who left the door open all the time. And you go sneakin' in to steal a TV set. Only when you get there, you realize that I got there first. I got the loot, Steve! And you're yellin'? "That's not fair. I wanted to try to steal it first." You're too late." -- http://imdb.com/title/tt0168122/quotes)

I hope this time he brings back the formula for cheap laser toner. I'm running low...

Will said...

I gotta get that movie!

Archit Tantia said...

Steve Jobs uses the PerfectCue Mini Remote.

Its website can be found here: http://www.perfectcue.com/CueLights/PerfectCueMini.asp

Hope this helps you.


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